Resources and Tools

Technology Solutions to Accelerate Impact

IRRI has developed digital tools that translate its rigorous scientific research into actionable, contextual information for farmers, agricultural extension workers, researchers, scientists, and policymakers. 

  • Information dissemination

    Share knowledge directly with target users through digital platforms

  • Service delivery

    Provide science-based recommendations on nutrient, pest, weed, or water management for improved yields and incomes

  • Policy making

    Inform decision-making with analytical tools that reveal aggregate trends and data

  • Data collection

    Monitor and track progress in agriculture programs, increasing efficiencies, decreasing costs, and strengthening M&E


    Beyond this, IRRI engages the agricultural and development communities, policymakers, private sector and public sector on the recommendations identified through these tools and contribute to knowledge products to encourage the adoption of emerging solutions, policy and practices.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization on upcoming digital tool development and implementation.



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