Facilitating rice research through enabling technologies

We aim to strengthen partnerships, technology transfer, and capacity building for a level playing field in research-driven innovation. By sourcing, testing, developing and translating enabling technologies for global rice research and make them accessible to all stakeholders, we facilitate adoption of state-of-the-art, high-throughput biological data generation, analysis, interpretation & application.



Our Scope

  • High-throughput Genotyping
  • Remote Phenotyping
  • Mechanization & Digitization
  • Breeding Informatics
  • Wet-Lab Innovation (CRISPR)



  • Develop & funnel breeding informatics technology from Cornell to CG centers
  • Develop marker systems & provide access to NARS through an external service provide
  • 5 modules across CG centers & crops: Breeding Excellence; Trait discovery; Genotyping; Phenotyping; Bioinformatics
  • Centre of Excellence on Rice Value Addition
  • Node of IRRI Education Program
  • Promote South-South collaboration
  • Make facilities & services available to NARS



To invigorate Rice Research at the NARS level to improve effciencies in local product development across breeding & agronomy .