Developing environmentally sustainable solutions for rice systems

While rice production is affected by climate change, it is also a contributor. Focusing on the five elemental domains – Air & Climate, Water, Energy, Soil, and Biodiversity – a comprehensive effort is being made to make rice production sustainable by developing long-term solutions that minimize and mitigate rice production’s negative impact on the environment.



Air & Climate

  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions from rice production
  • Reduce air pollution from burning rice straw


  • Decrease rice production’s share of freshwater use
  • Improve water governance for food security
  • Decrease water pollution from rice-based production systems


  • Reduce energy footprint per unit rice produced and consumed
  • Reduce rice production’s share of fossil fuel use


  • Use rice systems to avoid soil degradation and improve soil health
  • Mitigate effect of contamination on food quality

Biodiversity & Pest Ecology

  • Increase biodiversity in rice landscapes
  • Increase abundance and resilience of beneficial organisms in rice


Water Approaches

  • Field scale - Interventions to improve water use efficiency
  • Landscape scale - Interventions to improve water governance
  • Regional scale - Explorative analysis of water footprints

Demand Signals

  • Soil - Soil health and contaminants
  • Water - Water use, quality, and governance
  • Climate - Greenhouse gases and pollutants
  • Biodiversity - Communities and biotypes
  • Energy - alternatives sources and energy use efficiency
  • Pest ecology - pest management and resistance



Successful medium-scale pilots

  • Geospatial feasibility profile for technologies
  • Incentive mechanisms
  • Enabling policies

Change in practices

  • Policies
  • Incentives
  • Production practices
  • Behavior/coordination


  • Availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  • Sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Combat climate change and its effects
  • Improved natural resources, system, and ecosystem services