Catalyzing Innovation for health, equity and resilience

Engage in high-quality transdisciplinary research for development for facilitating effective people-centered innovation processes in rice-based agri-food systems, with particular emphasis on rural women’s empowerment, creating opportunities for youth, better maternal and child health and nutrition, and enhanced smallholder adaptive and innovation capacity.



Generate evidence on how inequities and inequalities constrain livelihood & food choices and, resources available to vulnerable social groups.

Test and assess efficacy and efficiency of delivery mechanisms (including use of ICTs) that make technologies, knowledge and services accessible at scale.

Generate evidence on impacts of technical, institutional and policy innovations and processes for target socio-economic groups over time and across place.



Innovation is a social process of knowledge use, taking place in a rapidly evolving context requiring the integration of many different resources and activities. Through a focus on products and processes - translating knowledge into action and consequently impact -  we can unravel and generate evidence on how to make science accessible to vulnerable socio-economic groups (including women, children, youth, poor, smallholders, landless) dependent on rice-based agri-food systems.



Custom Hiring Centers in Bihar, India, led by women Self Help Groups, with women-farmer driven and community-based informal seed system of stress-tolerant rice varieties.

Looking forward to rice-based systems-gender-nutrition-health nexus in East and Southern Africa.