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Riceworld Museum & Learning Center is being developed into a distinctive & innovative visitor center and a collaborative space that embodies and amplifies the importance and innovation of IRRI’s work. It will be the institute’s distinctive front door that readily showcases IRRI’s goals, capabilities and achievements. Riceworld at Chandler Hall will now be known as the IRRI Exchange and part of the larger revitalization of the IRRI Front Hub consisting of FF Hill Hall, Harrar Hall, Chandler Hall, including the new Demonstration Park.

Demonstration Park

Demonstration Park is an outdoor research and exhibition area, with activities both independent of and linked to The IRRI Exchange, designed for visitors to see the varieties, technologies, devices and tools  developed by IRRI to improve the sustainability of rice farming. Visitors will be able to try out various types of small-scale, locally adapted machinery under various conditions. The concept can be replicated in IRRI country offices.


Examples of the type of equipment, tools and devices that will be active in the Demonstration Park include: agronomic drones, GIS tools, field calculator for SRP standards, Automon, stress tolerant rice varieties, IR8 and its parents, heirloom rice varieties and common released IRRI rice varieties. The opportunity to be made in the Demonstration Park is to showcase the ideas on interoperability in order to show how farms can be managed more effectively. The challenge is how to get the idea of sustainable agriculture across to visitors.

IRRI Outfield Post Tour

The revitalization of Riceworld will entail the temporary closing down of part of Chandler Hall as it seeks to transform Riceworld into IRRI Exchange, an innovative science facility and the institute's distinctive front door.  In its place, a tour of IRRI's experiment stations will be offered to visitors in the form of Outfield Posts Tour which allows visitors to have a first-hand view of IRRI's extensive infrastructure for all kinds of experiments with rice, the most advanced in the world. The Outfield Post Tour in a tractor-towed trailer will bring visitors to the lowland and upland farm plots where they will see how some of the fields are used for breeding research to improve rice yield, grain quality, resistance to pests and diseases, tolerance of environmental stresses, and to reduce crop requirements. All tours will be led by scientists and trained volunteers.

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IRRI gives utmost importance to continuous learning and improvement.For years, we have been conducting seminars in our headquarters to keep the IRRI community abreast of our latest research breakthroughs! For the first time, we’re extendingaccess to these seminars, so that you may listen in, wherever you are in the globe.

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