Research Leads

Country Representatives

  • Humnath Bhandari

    IRRI Representative - Bangladesh
  • Buyung Hadi

    IRRI Representative - Cambodia
  • Krishna Joshi

    IRRI Representative - Nepal
  • Bjoern Ole Sander

    IRRI Representative - Vietnam
  • Hasil Sembiring

    IRRI Representative - Indonesia
  • Jongsoo Shin

    IRRI Representative - Myanmar
  • Uma Shankar Singh

    Senior Scientist II - South Asia Regional Project Coordinator for STRASA project and acting Country Representative for IRRI-India and -Nepal
    Seed system, Targeted dissemination and varietal tracking, Management of biotic and abiotic stresses using microbes, Plant pathogen interaction, Fungal diseases

Theme Leaders

  • Bas Bouman

    Director - RICE CRP
  • Joshua Cobb

    Outcome Theme Leader - Integrating Breeding and Crop Management Solutions for Intensive Systems
    Irrigated Rice Breeding
  • Matty Demont

    Outcome Theme Leader - Shaping Future Rice Value Chains & Policies
    Agri-Food Policy, Market Research and Value Chain
  • Ruaraidh Sackville Hamilton

    Outcome Theme Leader - Harnessing Rice Genetic Diversity to Accelerate Impact
  • Arvind Kumar

    Interim Platform Leader - Rice Breeding
    Breeding drought-tolerant rice varieties
  • Ranjitha Puskur

    Outcome Theme Leader - Catalyzing Innovation for Health, Equity, and Resilience
    Livelihoods, Gender and Nutrition Research
  • Russell Reinke

    Outcome Theme Leader - Improving Health through Safe and Nutritionally Enhanced Rice
  • Nese Sreenivasulu

    Outcome Theme Leader - Facilitating Rice Research through Enabling Technologies
  • Sudhir Yadav

    Outcome Theme Leader - Developing Environmentally Sustainable Solutions for Rice Systems
    Water Management