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Strengthening IRRI and Bangladesh partnership toward a more productive rice sectorTransforming the country's rice-based agri-food system
Google Blog: Analyzing 3K rice genomes characterized by DeepVariantUniting researchers from around the world
IRRI SARC Symposium promotes rice grain quality and nutrition in South Asia Facilitating effective technology and knowledge transfer
IRRI and Philippine Department of Agriculture renew partnership to invigorate rice sector in the midst of climate changeStrengthening national rice productivity and resilience
IRRI, University of Nagoya strengthen partnership in rice research and educationCreating synergies in research and education
Cambodia launches first national seed strategy during visit to IRRITransforming agri-food systems
Innovate. Catalyze. Transform.Transforming lives through the global rice sector


Where we work

We work with key actors from these regions through our in-country offices to develop actionable research analyses and recommendations on country-specific agricultural initiatives.

Beyond these areas, we also work with other country partners through our global research programs and networks. 

Learn more about IRRI's regional initiatives here and explore how we can collaborate. 

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